Marylanders Grow Oysters!

On August 12, 2009, DNR, ORP, watermen and volunteers collected the first batch of oysters grown under the program from private piers along the Tred Avon River and planted them in a sanctuary near Oxford. Over 250,000 oysters were planted. “Our citizen stewards along the Tred Avon have not only done a terrific job giving these baby oysters a head start on life, but they also have been a source of inspiration for other conservation minded Marylanders,” said Governor Martin O’Malley. Each summer since, additional tributaries have joined the program and more volunteers, with watermen assisting, have collected and planted sanctuary oysters.

Thanks to the participation of various local organizations, the program, which uses cages built by Maryland inmates, has expanded from 1 tributary in 2008 to 30 tributaries as of 2014.

Photos from the various Oyster events with Governor O'Malley
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